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Lomond House

Residential home for children aged 8 to 16 years

Group Coloring

Our Residential home accommodates children from a variety of backgrounds, including care leavers previously in fostering or other residential children's homes. Our homes have plenty of outside space and situated in residential areas with good access to links to the local transport and community.

The home provides safe and comfortable non-institutional environment for the children to work towards achieving their full potential in life.



The young people may have experienced emotional, sexual and/or physical trauma in their lives, resulting in emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. The objective is to provide individualised support to each child using a therapeutic approach to care. All referrals are considered individually.

Up to 3  children aged 8 -16 years supervised 24/7 by appropriately trained staff live together in an environment which is based on ordinary life principles. Educational support to attend school and complete homework. Children are given opportunity to design/ decorate their own rooms.

Life around the home is built around positivity. Staff will facilitate for the children to access a range of therapeutic resources. 

" Quality Care and support for young people "


We encourage the young person to continue to enjoy a wide of individual and group activities. We want to give the opportunity for the young person to participate, if they wish, at activities organised by Highlands Care Solutions and also to explore hobbies, relationships and new experiences.


It is very important that the physical environment of the young person promotes convenience and comfort. The premises will be kept clean and maintained to a high level of hygiene. 


We understand the importance of supporting the young person to realise personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives. Listening will enable us to support the young person in the best way possible and help them engage with their artistic and intellectual potential.


Maintain a safe living environment is key! In order to do that we have a special attention to the support plans put in place. This also includes a special attention to hazards and security breach possibilities.


Our care plans are driven by the needs and wants of the young person, not by what staff, management or any other group would desire. We also recognise how easily this focus can slip. So we remain vigilant to ensure that the facilities, resources, policies, activities and services of each property remain young person led.


Highlands Care Solutions Service ensures that information held about young person is kept confidential at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The safety of our young person is first on our priority list, we have in place a range of methods that will ensure the wellbeing of our young person without breaching our confidentiality agreement.


All employees undergo continuous mandatory and service specific training to ensure we continue to deliver a high quality service. All care givers have achieved, or are working towards appropriate qualification. Training needs are reviewed regularly during monthly supervision sessions, and annual appraisals reflect on both the individual learning goals and the needs of the service.


 All young people will be involved in the decision making process of how the service is delivered, including all daily routines within their home. Each person is given the opportunity to make their needs known, and those needs are identified and acted upon as part of their Individual Care Plan.

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